Reverse Engineering a Payment System #1

I think nearly nearly everybody wrote about this beyond believe hack of Ploetz and Nohl on the 25c3. In addition the Nethamba Team did a tremendous work with mfoc.

So i won't bother you with that...go and read it elsewhere.

But what do i have to do with NFC. In fact, it's pretty simple to explain. A few weeks ago i began to reverse engineer a payment system. I discovered by my curiosity, they are using mifare classics, which has a security breach in the crypto1 cipher. Because some of the infrastructural devices are not connected to the network, the data of the amount of money had to be stored on card. It was pretty simple to create first dumps of the card on my laptop. Sometimes mfoc freezes up, which has to do with a timing problem in the communication to the reader. mfoc disables and enables the field to start the authentication again and again, so the random number generator will be useless, because it is based on timing. (read up about the security).

I patched this problem, coz it started getting onto my nervs. I had the first dump...but what to do with it...i was to frightened to write it back onto the card. I didn't know back then, what would happen, if the dump ist corrupted or similar. In addition, i didn't have any blanko cards around.

So i got bored with the dump and forgot about it a few weeks, until my blanko cards from HongKong arrived :) I was sitting in a train to my parents and tried writing the dump i created earlier writing to the blanko card. No error occured. I expected at least some difficulty in writing the card. But nothing. I was stunned...wasn't sure if it worked.

So i decrpyted the sectors and matched them up with the dump from the was the same data...the uid differed, but sector00 is not writable at all. But i wasn't sure, if it would work, coz of the uid. I expected at least an error, that the uid wasn't in the database or similar. I couldn't check that, for nearly 3 days. That were the hardest days of my life. I was sitting at home. I couldn't hold it anymore, got into a car and drove there. First i checked my real card.

It was working fine, was expected. I put the Blanko Card in...and it showed me the same amount of money. I couldn't believe it. So i figured, they still could be connected somehow. so i bought something from my real card, and checked the blanko card afterwords. Nothing changed. That was my first breakthrough. But i didn't want to leave it there. I checked and was able to write the dump back onto the card every time. I still had no idea, where the information was stored and I wasn't able to change the amount of money. I needed more data. During the next few weeks i gathered as much as possible.

Friends were able to come by and swipe there card, so i would get a dump with precise information about the amount of money which should be at least stored somewhere. atm i have around 10 different cards with minimum of 10 Datapoints. I thought i would get the information after 2-3 days more...but in fact, i know where the data should be stored, but i can't prove it...and i can't change it. It seems there is some kind of checksum which fucks the whole card up, if you change 1 inzy winzy tiny bit. For cryin' out's frustrating to look at the card and know: you didn't get it this time...try again, and again...

so long