pastebin poetry #1

Es kommt immer oefter vor, dass ich bei ueber poetische Elemente stolpere. Einige posten da Kurzgeschichten, Gedichte und aehnliches. Auch das finde ich aussergewoehnlich und sollte gewuerdigt werden. Vorallem ist es in der Datenflut schwer zu finden. Hier ist eines, welches ich heute gefunden habe:

Helen of Winchester, or Joan of Franklin. Can I please her with just crude words? (she forgives a wry smile she pities me as I stutter through this). She has too much of my poetry she has to be sick of it by now but she knows this secret place is where I thrive hidden in the battered paper of fearless love letters and sleeping between the lines of youth's miscalculated poetry that place that we have always shared (she won't approve of such sentimental lines). Damn this, I had all week to work on it and damn the faint bitterness of all farewells but bless, dammit bless, this life of hers. Bless her house, bless her feet bless the bed she crawls into and the blinds she closes shut bless the door on her way out bless her every which way she goes. Forget the wind, the roads, and all the rivers leading home she'll carry herself there when she damn well feels like it (Source:

Nice, nice...I think i like it! so long