gps, nuitgaspard and explanation

Because there's absolutly no information who or what is @nuitgaspard and how he get's his information: a small explanation. A few weeks ago i was fascinated by the fact there can be GPS informationen stored inside a picture. First, i thought this was uncommen and not overall used. But nowadays, every smartphone has the ability to do so. Facebook, Twitter itself and many other imagehosters delete this information from the picture, or any information. Don't get me wrong, exif data is useful and i like to see which camera model made the shot, but most people are unaware of the potential of this exif-data. If there is gps information stored inside and i don't want any location data published with this picture, this data should get eliminated. I contacted twitpic about this problem and never got an answer back. So i decided to show people what is going on. Sorry i'm kinda harsh and sorry if it get's you, but you are the unlucky ones and probably should have a look, what you are posting onto the web. If anybody wants more information on his account, please contact me on twitter or with email. so long