building phone #1

i disassembled my signo phone today. i wanted to know if it fits into a baby play phone or something similar. and...what to do fits...20x20 is the phone it has to fit into. The plate is 18x8 or something. A good friend of mine wants a phone as birthday present. It's pretty easy to buy a phone...but not anybody has a playphone which really works. Think about it. Your number would be: "Muh, Maeh, Miau, Wuff, Wuff" or something similar. I think it's pretty i tried to get my hands on such a phone.

image0 playphone from simba see through phone

i was talking to a friend of mine, and an interesting idea came up: let's build a selfmade see-through telephone. it's straight forward:

  1. Buy a telephone
  2. buy a see-through box
  3. disassemble the phone
  4. fit it into the box
  5. set up the wiring, so you can dial from the outside

and you should be fine with that. it's a real phone, soooo...if you don't mess up with the wiring it should work :) i'm going to the local hardware store tmrw and have a look what i'm gonna need and buy..has to be cheap. so long