als o2 noch viag interkom war

Ich hab vor gut 3-4 Monaten von einem Freund ein Handy bekommen. Es ist nichts Top of the Line, aber ich wuerde sagen ein gutes Durchschnittshandy:


[tabs style="3"] [tab title="Philips Savvy"] New Philips Savvy Dual Band GSM: the 'Fun Phone' with the benefits of the latest GSM technology New features for even easier use include Philips Voice Dial and vibrator call alert [/tab] [tab title='Voice Dial and Vibrator Alert'] Savvy Dual Band introduces new features that make this mobile phone even easier and more convenient to use. For example the exclusive Philips Voice Dial feature, which recognizes the user's voice and allows a call to be made simply by speaking the name of the person to be dialled. This not only speeds and simplifies operation, it also enhances safety during in-car use of the mobile phone. Up to 10 numbers can be stored in memory for voice dialling. An enhanced vibration feature has been specifically developed to enable users to be discreetly informed of incoming calls; after the phone vibrates twice it rings progressively louder. You are sure to receive all incoming calls in any situation! [/tab] [tab title='Modern Trendy Design'] Designed to appeal to a younger target group of mobile phone users, Savvy has a modern, trendy styling with comfortable, curved contours that make it easy to hold in the hand and use. Meeting every taste the phone is available in a color range, called the Cosmos line with a choice of three colours: Galaxy Grey, Night Blue & Moon Pearl. [/tab] [tab title='"Emotion icons"'] Savvy Dual Band also adds extra expression to phone calls with family and friends by sending 'Emotion Icons' using the GSM Short Message Service (SMS) feature. These icons, sent with text messages just like e-mail attachments, are received by other Savvy owners as displayed icons conveying emotions like a 'smiley face', 'frown' and 'hearts'. For example you can send a personal 'Happy Birthday' message, and attach it to one of the Savvy icons showing a birthday cake with candles. You can also send the icons to a non-Philips phone or receive from a non Philips phone a smiley on your Savvy. . [/tab] [tab title='Calendar'] This latest Savvy also has the popular biorhythm calendar game, which gives a prediction covering chance, love, energy and success levels based on the user's birth date and the current date. Numerous other useful and entertaining features include a convenient calculator, a stopwatch, a Euro currency converter and an alarm clock that works even when the phone is switched off. [/tab] [tab title='Animated Display'] Making operation easy and simplifying access to Savvy's many features, the animated display creates a new user interface that is clearer and more attractive than ever. An important contribution to easy operation is made by the four-direction compass key. This provides one-button 'point and click' menu navigation and selection, while dedicated menu and clear keys give instant menu entry and escape. The result is really easy operation, for example enabling first-time mobile users to use the phone just minutes after purchase. [/tab] [tab title='Dual Band Capacity'] Thanks to its dual band capability, the new Savvy Dual Band operates on both 900 and 1800 MHz GSM networks, multiplying the possibilities to phone on a variety of networks and further increasing worldwide roaming capabilities. Savvy Dual Band also offers Enhanced Full Rate (EFR) coding (if supported by the user's network), which gives a significant improvement in sound quality. Moreover, a special signal processing compression algorithm increases the sound perception. [/tab] [tab title='Long talk and standby times'] Savvy's long talk and standby times ensure the phone is accessible when it is needed, and minimise the need for recharging. The standard Slim battery gives standby times from 100 to 220 hours and talk times from 2 to 4 hours. With its light weight of only 146 grams and volume of 135 cc (with Standard battery), Savvy Dual Band is compact enough to fit easily into a purse or pocket, but big enough for easy use of the keypad [/tab] [/tabs]

Nach dem anschalten hat das Handy auf seinen Simlock verwiesen. Es ist schon etwas aelter, also bin ich damit in den o2 Laden getigert um mir den Code zu besorgen. Die Verkaeufer im Laden waren ungefaehr mein alter und machten ziemliche Augen als ich damit ankam. Aber, mein groesster Respekt an die Verkaeuferin, versuchte sie den Code direkt bei o2 zu bekommen. Nach einem etwas laengeren Telefon, teilte sie mir mit, dass ich es nicht freischalten kann bis zum 3.11.2011. Das die Zeit bis der Code freigegeben werden darf, erst nach dem Einschalten des Handys startet. Nachdem das Handy bis vor 3 Monaten nicht angeschalten war, war auch die Zeit, in der das Handy rumlag nichtig. Aber es gibt anscheinend einen Code und das Handy ist noch in der Datenbank. Am 3.11 werd ich mit einer Kamera bewaffnet in den Laden gehen und das Handy freischalten lassen. :) Ich freu mich schon drauf. so long